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Carver Harvey

Tom 'Carver' Harvey uses a mixture of chainsaws and chisels to create individual large scale sculptures out of tree stumps and trunks.

A background of fine art training followed by several years working in forestry and tree surgery has led Tom to discover this art form and specialise in the use of a chainsaw as a dynamic and creative tool.

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Featured Sculptures

  • Night time scene
  • If these wings should fail me
  • link to lady with swan feature article
  • The Urban Fox
  • Pershore Abbey

Night time scene

 Night time scene

Title: Night time scene
Location: The Norman Leddy Memorial gardens, Hayes

This sculpture was commissioned by Hillingdon Borough Council to make best use of a fantastic old Yew tree that had died, possibly from a lack of water with the water table dropping over the preceding ten years. It is one of a series of four pieces commissioned around the borough.

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If these wings should fail me

If these wings should fail me

Title: If these wings should fail me
Location: Private collection

This sculpture was made by Tom when he was first starting to get to grips with working as a sculptor and it remains one of his favourite pieces.

The starting point for the idea behind the sculpture came from a painting made by the artist aged fifteen of a man...

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Lady and Swan

sculpture of lady with swan - click to enlarge

Title: lady with swan
Location: Private Clollection

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The Urban Foxes

The Urban Fox

Title: The Urban Fox
Location: Highbury Fields, London

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Pershore Abbey

Title: Pershore Abbey
Location: Pershore Abbey

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"We looked on the internet and saw Tom’s work and it was the best work. He’s done lots of excellent pieces."

James Chambers, Islington Council Tree Officer

"I was amazed to meet an American who knew our house in England by the sculptures in the front garden."

Nigel Tomkins

"I would like to thank Tom for turning a good idea into a truly inspirational piece of art."

Jean Dowty, Wychavon District Council