Tom Harvey specialises in working on large scale sculptures in wood, a natural, warm, organic and readily available material. Using the chainsaw as his main tool he can produce large, ambitious sculptures in a relatively short space of time. The speed of the tool often allows ideas to flow freely and helps to create a sense of dynamism within the work. He also uses other power and hand tools to create smooth surfaces and areas of greater definition.

Tom works within the tradition of direct carving, without the use of a scale model,making each piece a journey towards resolution that can take a few twists and turns along the way. Whilst working in this way (often in public places on very large visible sculptures) can be unnerving as it is hard to turn back on decisions made, the artist feels that this process of discovery makes the creation of the sculptures all the more exciting and intuitive.

Whilst working on many public commissions with subject matter or themes prescribed by the commissioner (often local councils) the artist uses a high degree of imagination to come up with an idea that both fulfils the brief and also excites him. Tom's commissioned work often connects to central underlying themes within his work as a whole, that of the relationship between man and nature. He is deeply interested in the 'otherness' of the creatures that we share the world with and how the nature of animals and humans can mirror one another. The gap between civilization and the natural world is another central concern. Within these expansive themes Tom feels there is at least a lifetimes work.